Week 15 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I enjoyed the work of Elia Murray. Murray is an illustration major. Her character designs are very childlike and they seem to be influenced by Disney. Murray says it would be a dream to work for Disney or for Cartoon Network. She took a tour at Robot Chicken and would like to intern there. Her work mostly involves water colors and she has recently been getting into 3D art.

Murray’s inspiration came from her parents. Both of her parents were water colorists and they encouraged her to become an artist. Not only does she draw, paint, and sculpt, she also writes! She is currently working on a book about one of her poems. I just really loved her work because it brings out your inner child and her characters were adorable.

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Week 15 Classmate Interview

This week at the art gallery I met Natsuki Fukuyama. I originally had a picture with her but I accidentally deleted it. Natsuki is a second year here at CSULB and she is a film major. Natsuki is a foreign exchange student from Japan and she’s only been here for a year! She has to go back to Japan this summer and continue school over there.  I think it’s so cool to get to travel to a new country and study there. She says that she really likes it here but she also misses Japan. She really likes the weather here in Long Beach and says that the weather in Japan is so different because it’s really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer.

A little more about Natsuki is that she wants a degree in film so that she can help directors release their movies. She loves movies and her favorite movies is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In her free time, she likes to take walks with her friends and discover new coffee shops because she loves coffee. Natsuki’s summer plans include going to Portland and Florida with her friends and then heading back to Japan. It was really nice getting to know Natsuki and I hope she has a great summer!

Week 14 Artist Interview

There was only one art gallery open this week and it included many great piece of art from seniors graduating this week. The gallery was called Liminal, which means of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. All of the artists went through a period of transition and learning. There was one artist whom we’ve met before talking about her work. However, the two pieces I really liked were by Charles Banowetz and Maritza Mungula. The first one is called Treecloud and the second one is Voluminous.

I absolutely loved Treecloud because of the orange colors. The color is so vibrant and it looks amazing with the green and the yellow. It reminds me of a beautiful landscape with the sun setting on it. The thin lines resemble trees and there are different colored clouds surrounding them.

I really liked Voluminous because it was so different than the rest of the work and I loved that it was 3D. I also like the playful colors and the different patterns on it. It looks like a window and everything is crawling out from it. I also enjoyed the other artists’ work and I love when we get to see many different artists collaborate because we get many different styles of art.

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Week 14 Classmate Interview

This week at the art gallery, I met Candice Cheung! Candice is a freshman here at CSULB and she is studying human development. She then wants to go to grad school to become an occupational therapist. The reason she chose this major is because she really wants to do something that will help others. She wants to become an occupational therapist for children.

Candice dorms here and she said she enjoys it. I commute here and I sometimes think people who dorm here are so lucky because they are a lot more involved in college life. When asked if she was a part of any organization, she said she was part of the Christian Club. Candice’s favorite thing to do growing up was dance. She did ballet up until she started college. I think it’s so cool that she was so committed to something for so long.

Candice is such a sweet person and it was really nice getting to know her this week!


Week 13 Artist Interview

This week at the gallery, I enjoyed the abstract work of Marty Knop. All of his work is created using a computer program. Before, he used to input equations into excel but now, he uses Mathematica and Wolfram a lot in his work. Math is very important in the making of these pieces. He inverts matrices to get symmetrical objects. Knop loves to create randomness and thinks simple patterns are boring. He loves randomness because it requires creativity and contains lots of information. Knop loves to contrast colors in his work. You won’t really see him using colors such as pink and red together.

What I liked about Knop’s pieces is that it is honestly so different than anything we’ve seen in the art gallery yet. I never thought of using math to create art. The process seems really complicated but what you get is so amazing; it’s hard to believe that these objects are based off mathematical equations. I really liked the shapes he made and the colors used. I really like abstract work because it lets the viewer interpret whatever he wants from it.

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Week 13 Classmate Interview

This week at the art gallery, I met Jasmine Barnum! Jasmine is in her second year like me and she is studying health science to become an occupational therapist. She commutes here from Cerritos, which is not too far and went to Gahr High School. Although sometimes she wishes she can dorm here, she thinks it’s not worth it because it’s too expensive, which I completely agree with. I asked Jasmine if she is part of any organizations and she replied that she was actually head of the HSSA club, which is for health science. They do things such as volunteer work to get experience for when they have jobs.

When Jasmine is not at school, she is usually working. She works at Creamistry in Cerritos, which is an ice cream place. Some other interesting things about Jasmine is that she loves hiking! Her favorite place to hike is at Laguna Beach because she loves a place with a nice view. It was really fun getting to know Jasmine and she is super sweet!

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Week 12 Activity

For the activity this week, I was really confused about what to choose for my algorithmic art. Then I remembered that in my Physics 151 class, we did a lot of coding using Python. The code that I chose for my algorithmic art is a code that I did previously for my class. I do not have the Python program so I was not able to recreate it but I included the pictures that I had.

Python is basically a coding system where you input the information that you want portrayed in your animation. On the coding page, there are spaces you need to fill in with equations. Once everything is in the right place, you hit run and you get a module that clearly depicts the equations.

Using a coding system can be very difficult and I have struggled many times to try and get the animation correctly. A lot of times, the codes are hard to understand or if you have one little mistake, the module won’t run. After I pressed run, a graph came up presenting the information. The class was mostly about electricity and magnetism so that’s what our coding was about. Even though the graphs presented may not be considered “visual art”, it can still be considered an algorithm.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.05.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.08.41 PM