Week 2 Artist Interview

Week 2 Artist Conversation


                My artist post this week is going to be about Chase Wolcott. When looking around at the art gallery, his work caught my eye the most. Chace was working on a few sketches as part of his upper division art course and was explaining photo (1)to us how all of the sketches in the art gallery were configurations. All of the sketches had to with personal relationships and people. A lot of people chose to do sketches of their parents or their friends. What I really liked was how they had folders that showed the process of their sketches from beginning to end so you can really see how it came to be. photo2

Chase’s sketch called “Discovery Channel” stood out to me the most. What caught my eye were the bright colors he used. He said it was a work in process and he is about ninety percent done with it. Another thing I really liked about his sketch was that at first glance, I didn’t understand what it meant. The group of people and the lion were confusing and I didn’t know what it represented. Chase said that it was something personal.

To me, I feel that it can represent the relationship between humans and animals. All of the people seem to be in awe at the lion and there is so much going on the picture. The bright colors such as the yellow make the tone very loud. It wasn’t like the other sketches where the pictures showed regular daily interactions.


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