Week 2 Classmate Interview

Week 2 Classmate Conversation

photo (2)

The classmate I interviewed this week was Katie Leyba. Upon getting to know her, I realized that we actually had a lot in common! We talked about our interests and our career goals.

It turns out that we both grew up in the same area. She is doing engineering like me, although she is in biomedical and I am doing civil. She explained to me exactly what biomedical engineering is and told me that when she gets her degree, she wants to work on machines that do x-rays and machines that can detect cancer. I thought that was really amazing and it was cool that she knew exactly what she wanted to do in her life. She seemed really driven and goal-oriented and even got me to join the Society of Women Engineers which she is a part of.

Katie seems to be really nice and we have a lot of the same interests. Besides the fact that we both like engineering, we both are interested in art. Although I prefer drawing portraits of people, she says she likes abstract art more. I think that’s really cool and I wish I could see some of her work. She said she would also like to try painting someday.

I am really glad that we did this classmate interview because it forced me to be more social and meet such an amazing person who otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to know.


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