Week 3 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I met Yireh Elaine Kwak and I got to see her amazing work. The name of her work was Called Harmony and Discordance. The theme of this work is the tension that arises from nature and urban development. Looking around at her work, I really enjoyed all the paintings of landscapes and nature. Kwak noted that everything she painted was either from memory or intuitive. She lives on a hill so she has a beautiful view outlooking her house which is where she gets her inspiration.


Kwak enjoys mostly oil painting. Before she paints, she likes to sketch out her observations of the nature around her and then she goes into painting it and fixing it up. The painting that I enjoyed the most is called Walk in the Park.

I really loved the colors she used in her painting. The green especially was so vibrant. I personally love nature and the outdoors. If I’m ever down, being surrounded by nature really lifts my spirits because it is so beautiful and peaceful


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