Week 3 Classmate Interview

This week I got to meet Jessa Camago! Although she seems shy at first, she is super fun once you get to know her. Jessa is a freshman and her major is accounting. She dorms here at CSULB and is originally from Lancaster. I had no idea where that was but she said it’s mostly surrounded by nature and poppy flowers. They even have a poppy festival every year. I thought that was really cool but she said Lancaster is really boring and that’s why she decided to come here and have a brand new experience.

Jessa and I actually have a lot in common. She was telling me about how she loves the color maroon which is the same color as my room. Also she loves watching Pretty Little Liars like me in her spare time. Also in her spare time she likes to draw especially lettering.

As we were talking, she mentioned that it was her birthday! She said that she was going to celebrate with her family in Vegas. Jessa was a really fun person to talk to and I wish her a very happy birthday!



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