Week 3 Instagram Activity

This week’s activity was to post four pictures of a part of our day onto Instagram. For my posts, I put a picture of the cereal I had that morning, two of my favorite pictures that I saw at the art gallery that day, and a picture of traffic from my drive home. I think that this activity was fun because we get to see little parts of people’s days and see if what they did relates to you in any way.

A few days later, I checked Instagram to look at our group photo and saw that the class did have a lot in common and I did see a connection between all the pictures. I saw a lot of pictures of CSULB and a lot of people had pictures of their daily commute. There were also many pictures of the art from the art gallery and pictures of food that people had that day.

I really liked the pictures people posted because although a lot of the pictures were simple, it speaks a lot and I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture I posted is a screenshot of my Instagram posts. Some of the pictures on the group photo were unique and I think that shows that although we have some differences, we have similarities that bring us together.



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