Week 4 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I really enjoyed the work of Rachel Gehrke and Makaila Palmer. The one I admired the most is called Porous Parallels I By Rachel Gehrke. It’s an oil on canvas painting. Rachel likes to work with many different mediums.I really like the pink that is used in the picture as it adds brightness. Surrounding the flower is darkness and the moon behind it.

The theme of the art gallery was The Odyssey, a spiritual wandering or a voyage. In each of their work, they are portraying an emotional experience. I liked this painting because it had a connection between the deep oceans and the moon.

I love the mystery behind the painting and all the paintings in the gallery. It’s amazing to me that there is so much in our galaxy and the ocean that we know nothing about. There is so much beauty in the moon and the stars and also in the ocean which is why I really enjoyed this piece.



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