Week 4 Classmate Interview

This week I met Amber Luna! Upon talking to her, I found out a lot about her and she is a very interesting person! Amber is a sociology major with a minor in criminal justice. She wants to be a probation officer for juveniles. Amber describes herself as a people person and she really wants a career where she can help people. Even though being a probation officer sounds a little scary, she says she really wants to reach out to kids and help them.photo

Midway through our conversation, I found out that not only do Amber and I live in the same city but we also live on the same street! I thought that was crazy because what are the odds that a random stranger turns out to live on my street.

Amber has many interests and hobbies but one thing she really enjoys is graffiti. She says she’s never been much of an artistic person but she does enjoy looking at other people’s artwork, especially graffiti because growing up, her dad was into graffiti. Amber seems like an amazing person to get to know.


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