Week 5 Artist Interview

At the art gallery this week, I really admired the work of Dianna Franco. All of her paintings were abstract and I really liked how they came out. Dianna’s paintings are based on the relationships between nature and civilizations in psychology and science. She was inspired to do this because she has studied a little bit of psychology and says that she was always interested in learning about the minds of psychopaths. You can see that in some of her work, the shapes that she paints resemble the inside of a brain. Dianna is also inspired by abandoned homes and the nature around them because she’s always found that really interesting.

She has been working  on them since December of 2014 and everyday she works little by little, either retouching her work or changing it. She uses saturated and neutral colors to represent the inner and outer parts of nature and civilization and how they affect each other and thin and thick paint to represent the weight found in nature and civilization.

I think her work is so amazing because I can really see where she gets her inspiration and it has meaning to it. It’s not just a bunch of shapes. When she started talking about the minds of psychopaths and abandoned homes, it made me really think and I thought that was so cool. She seems really passionate about it and you can see that through her paintings. I also love the contrasting colors that she used.

photo 1 photo 2


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