Week 5 Activity





For this week’s activity, we explored kickstarter. Upon watching the videos, I saw ones that were very persuasive and informative and others that were boring or didn’t tell people why they should fund their project.

The two categories I searched for the kickstarter activity were food and fashion. For my two food videos, the one I really liked was the Serving Old School Ice Cream in a Whole New Way. I didn’t like the Hummazing Hummus video as much. The reasons why were that the first video was a lot more informative. The girls talked about how they started their ice cream business, how they make their ice cream, and why it’s so new and different. They tell you exactly what they want to use the money for and will donate vouchers to the people who pledge. The Hummazing Hummus video was not as good, however. Although it seems like a good idea, the video is short, not very informative, and wasn’t very persuasive.

The second category I searched was fashion. The video I liked was the Pivotte one. The girls first talked about the problem a lot of people have with trying to look stylish but also wanting to be comfortable. This persuades to people who have the same problem. Then, they introduce their line of clothing and explain how that would solve the problem. They modeled a lot of the looks so you have an idea of what they look like. The video I didn’t like as much was the Ultimate Bling Boots video. The video itself didn’t have any information about the project or the boots. It just shows what the boots look like. The description below it explains what her strategy is and why you should pledge but a lot of people don’t have time to sit and read through it all. It would have been a lot more convenient if it was included in the video.


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