Week 6 Artist Interview

This week, I really admired the work of Alanna Marceletti. Her work was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She puts together objects to make a beautiful piece of art. Her main theme is about identity, womanhood, and domestic life. Her work “embraces the positive and negative results of outside influences upon the individual psyche”. Her inner fears have to do with work, home, and motherhood and how to balance everything. She described the pressures of gender roles, and having to marry and also pursuing a career. Sometimes the positive and negative results unite in an act of healing and growth.

Alanna says that she has been working on these pieces since December and likes to work in the middle of the night. She likes taking apart things that have to do with womanhood. A lot of her pieces have organza which is found in a lot of formal wear. She incorporated a piece of her wedding dress into one of her pieces. She likes to join painting and sculpting. She gets her inspiration from the things and feelings she experiences, especially right now because she is pregnant with a baby girl! She says that there are a lot of worries and emotions that come along with it.

I really liked this exhibition because I found Alanna’s art work really interesting. It’s a lot different from art that you usually see and I loved that she incorporates things from her life because I think that makes it really personal. A lot of the material she includes is also things that most women can have a connection with. I love the theme because I think the topic of womanhood and gender roles is really important.

image (3)


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