Week 6 Classmate Interview

This week I interviewed Tatiana Costa. This is Tatiana’s second year here at Csulb and she is studying kinesiology. She wants to be a physical therapist. She lives in Artesia and she commutes. She likes that she doesn’t have to dorm even though it means not meeting a lot of people. Her hobby is crocheting and knitting. I thought that was really cool because most people in our class said they didn’t like crocheting or knitting and she is really good at it. She even showed me some of the things she;s made such as scarves or hats and booties for babies.

Some of her other hobbies are playing soccer and although she herself is not artistic, she enjoys to watch art because a lot of the times you can connect with it. Tatiana is a huge Disney fan. She was telling me about her favorite Disney movies. When she was little, she liked Cinderella and now her favorite movie is Tangled. Her favorite food is chicken enchiladas, her favorite season is spring, and her biggest fear is spiders.

Tatiana was a great person to get to know. We had a lot in common as I also love Disney movies and I am terrified of spiders. We both love spring because of the weather and all of the flowers. I’m glad I got to meet her at the art gallery!



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