Week 6 Activity

The activity for this week is Yarn Bombing. I have never heard of yarn bombing before and I thought it was really cool and different. It’s similar to graffiti bombing, only using yarn. I was inspired by all the yarn bombing I saw in the videos and also at school. I included a picture of the yarn from the art department and also of the yarn bombing I did.

I did mine in my room. I’m not very good at knitting or crocheting so I used a scarf I had made out of yarn. I wrapped it around my bed post and I took a picture. I don’t think it’s true that yarn bombing is feminine and graffiti bombing is masculine. I think it’s just an invalid stereotype placed by society. I think yarn bombing is valued just as much.

What I really like about yarn bombing is that it tus something really boring into something really pretty and decorative. I think it’s amazing that people go around and do yarn bombing out in public. I think it really puts a smile on people’s faces.

photo[1]               image (2)


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