Week 7 Artist Interview

This week at the gallery, I enjoyed the Printmaking Paradox Exhibition. The exhibition had a variety of etchings, relief, and lithography. Before the gallery, I had no idea what those words meant. Etching has to do more with the outlining of images. In relief printing, ink is placed on an image and the image is then transferred to wood. Relief works with the inside of an image. Lithography is the transfer of an image to a plate and then a piece of paper.

The theme was Paradox. Paradox is something that contradicts itself but may be true. My favorite pieces were “Desert Forest” by Adam Goetz and “Pair O’ Docks” by Amber Hall. Clare Samani was there to talk to us about the different processes and she said that she always has an idea of what she wants to do before she starts working. It is a long process to get the finished piece.

What I really liked about “Desert Forest” was the colors used and the patterns on the trees even though I didn’t really know what it meant. “The Pair O’ Docks” caught my eye because I feel like the picture is so simple and it can mean so many different things.To me I feel like it can represent a path or a journey.

image (5) image


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