Week 8 Classmate Interview

This week, I interviewed Veronica Gomez. This is Veronica’s second year here and her major is child development. She wants to help kids in hospitals to be able to deal with their emotions. Veronica seems to be very caring towards others and she is a great listener.

Some of Veronica’s hobbies are going to the beach and running with her dad. I too love going to the beach. Her favorite color is blue, which is something that we have in common. Her favorite food is pizza and Mexican food. We both talked about how much we love trying new food from different cultures.she loves Disneyland and Disney movies, and she loves cookies and cream ice cream.

Veronica lives in Norwalk, which is not too far from where I live, and she went to Gahr High School. She has a younger brother whose 19. That’s another thing we have in common because I too have only one brother. She has a dog and two parrots. I love dogs and  parrots but I was never allowed to have any pets. Veronica seems like a really sweet girl and I wish her the best!



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