Week 9 Activity

Our activity this week was Architecture and Urban Planning. The first part was to draw a cognitive map. My cognitive map and the real CSULB map were so different. I had no idea there were so many buildings I paid no attention to.

photo 1 2

The building I chose to adopt was the Vivian Engineering Center. As an engineering major, I have a lot of classes in this building and spend a lot of time there. A lot of students I talk to hate this building. It definitely needs remodeling. I couldn’t get a lot of information about the history of the building but I know it is very old. I searched up the CSULB timeline and found out that engineering became a major at our school in 1958. The construction of the engineering buildings continued in the sixties. You can tell this building is old if you’ve ever been inside. Also, the elevators make a really weird noise.

I think this is really weird considering it is an engineering building. You would think they would fix it up. Hopefully, it will be redesigned in the future! Below is a picture of the Vivian Engineering Center I found online.


For my CSULB campus redesign, I decided that I want to keep most of the buildings the same. I think where the buildings are located is okay. What I included in my drawing is parking lots surrounding the entire campus so students don’t have to walk too far to get to class. I kept the USU in the middle of the campus but I would redesign it so it’s bigger than the one we have now.

photo 2 2


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