Week 9 Artist Interview

My favorite artwork this week was by Michael Rollins. The exhibit was called New Digs. The paintings were all abstract. His instinctive paintings show the “physical, expressive, and animalistic aspects of his personality”. Rollins never really has a set idea of what he wants to do before he starts painting. He says it’s all about trusting your gut. He knows when he’s finished with the painting when he feels a sort of connection with it. What he loves about abstract painting is that it can mean so many different things to different people.

When Rollins paints, he usually just starts with a shape and then lets it grow into something. He usually works on about three paintings at a time. Looking at his paintings, you can see that some parts of the paintings look smooth and others look rough. This is to add a little more depth and contrast. A lot of his paintings resemble the inside of the human body. He is very specific with the colors he uses. He never uses black. Most of his paintings have similar colors.

The paintings I liked the most were Slippery Gateway and Gutter Flare. Slippery Flare caught my eye because I love the dark shades of blue that he used. I love Gutter Flare because it sort of looks like the inside of a cave. I agree with Rollins that abstract painting can have a personal meaning to everyone.

Slippery Gateway

Slippery Gateway

Gutter Flare

Gutter Flare


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