Week 10 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I really enjoyed the work of Dawn Ertl. Ertl is getting her masters in fine art with a concentration in structure. I have never seen anything like her pieces before and it definitely caught my attention. Ertl’s work is made out of yarn and plastic. She said that she incorporates plastic because plastic never ceases to exist. It can only be made into something else. The plastic is saved from her friends and family. Not only is Ertl’s work beautiful but it is eco-friendly.

Ertl described to us the process of how she creates her work. She has to hang it from the ceiling so she doesn’t always have the freedom to do whatever she wants. Everything she makes is interwoven and she uses many colors. She gets her ideas as she goes along. She always listens to music as she works to get her inspiration.

I loved this exhibition because I feel like everything was so beautiful and it could be used to decorate your room with. It definitely looks like it took so much time and effort to get everything to look the way it did. The picture I included is the one I liked the most. It reminds me of a jungle made out of yarn. This exhibition was definitely one of my favorites.

photo 1 3


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