Week 10 Classmate Interview

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmin Brito. I had recognized her from one of my engineering classes my very first semester here at Long Beach. However, she told me that she switched her major to human development. I was surprised because human development is so different than engineering but she really likes the major and I can tell that she is really good with people. She wants to be able to understand people’s behavior and be able to help them.

Growing up, Jasmin was an only child living with her mother. She said she hates being an only child because when she was younger, she always felt alone. I felt that I can relate to that because even though I have a brother, he is younger than me by four years. Jasmin and I both agree on the fact that we would never want to dorm. Jasmin is really close to her mom and she feels that she can never leave her.

I had a great time talking to Jasmin on Thursday. Unlike most other people I interviewed, she was so open about everything in her life and it felt more like a normal conversation instead of just asking questions.

photo 2 3


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