Week 11 Activity

This week’s activity was sculpting. I really was not looking forward to it at first because it looked like a lot of hard work but it actually wasn’t and I had fun doing it. The goal was to end up with a plaster sculpture of something such as your hand or foot.

I decided to go down to Seal Beach and make a sculpture of my hand. All I did was I mixed plaster with some water and put it where the mold of my hand was. It was that simple! Then, I waited a half hour for it to dry. I love going to the beach so I’m glad I had an excuse to go. Then, I brushed the sand off my sculpture to get the final product. I took pictures of the process. It didn’t turn out perfect but it turned out okay.

What I liked about this activity and most of the activities that we do is that we always do things that I have never done before. It was cool having a sculpture of my hand that I made myself. It also wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

photo 1 4 photo 2 4 photo 3 1


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