Week 12 Classmate Interview

This week I got to meet Veronica Meza. I went up to Veronica to interview her and she was just really friendly from the start. Veronica is a second year student and she is studying psychology. I asked her why she chose this major and she replied that she used to hate psychology. She came in as a zoology major because she wanted to become a veterinarian. Then, she took a psychology class in high school and was really interested in it. She wants to do expressive therapy. Expressive therapy is a form of art therapy where they use dance and music to heal the patients.

Veronica loves dance and she grew up in a family that loves to dance. She likes belly dancing and Latin dancing. A little more random facts about Veronica is that she lives here in Long Beach with her family. She has an older brother and sister, and two younger brothers. Her favorite food is thai food and in her free time, she loves watching Netflix. She is currently watching “Once Upon a Time”. Veronica seems like a really interesting person and I’m glad I got to meet her.

photo 1


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