Week 12 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I had the opportunity to get to know Piet Eppinga. Eppinga grew up in Holland. His upbringing in his family really shaped his art style. His work has to do with human relations. Eppinga showed us his work and explained what each one was supposed to mean. Eppinga said he loves hearing feedback from other people on what their interpretation of his work is because even though it can be different from what he intended to portray, it gives him a brand new outlook on the piece. He deals mainly with pottery and he generally has an idea of what he wants to do before he starts. He keeps workin on a piece until he feels that it is done. Although he is Dutch, his work has many different cultural styles such as his Japanese urn. He thinks that it absurd that just because he is white, his work cannot be multicultural. He receives a lot of criticism for this but he believes that he lives in a multicultural world so he needs to portray this in his art.

One of his pieces is a very simple figure called Female Figure. It’s simplicity allows people to interpret it in many different ways. His piece, “21st Century Fertility Woman” is one that caught my eye. It shows a woman and to the side, there looks to be a small hole where the child is. Although I admire the meaning behind these sculptures, I do wish that he didn’t incorporate so many naked people in his work because I thought it was disturbing.

Female Figure

Female Figure

photo 2

21st Century Fertility Woman

21st Century Fertility Woman


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