Week 13 Artist Interview

This week at the gallery, I enjoyed the abstract work of Marty Knop. All of his work is created using a computer program. Before, he used to input equations into excel but now, he uses Mathematica and Wolfram a lot in his work. Math is very important in the making of these pieces. He inverts matrices to get symmetrical objects. Knop loves to create randomness and thinks simple patterns are boring. He loves randomness because it requires creativity and contains lots of information. Knop loves to contrast colors in his work. You won’t really see him using colors such as pink and red together.

What I liked about Knop’s pieces is that it is honestly so different than anything we’ve seen in the art gallery yet. I never thought of using math to create art. The process seems really complicated but what you get is so amazing; it’s hard to believe that these objects are based off mathematical equations. I really liked the shapes he made and the colors used. I really like abstract work because it lets the viewer interpret whatever he wants from it.

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1)


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