Week 12 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I had the opportunity to get to know Piet Eppinga. Eppinga grew up in Holland. His upbringing in his family really shaped his art style. His work has to do with human relations. Eppinga showed us his work and explained what each one was supposed to mean. Eppinga said he loves hearing feedback from other people on what their interpretation of his work is because even though it can be different from what he intended to portray, it gives him a brand new outlook on the piece. He deals mainly with pottery and he generally has an idea of what he wants to do before he starts. He keeps workin on a piece until he feels that it is done. Although he is Dutch, his work has many different cultural styles such as his Japanese urn. He thinks that it absurd that just because he is white, his work cannot be multicultural. He receives a lot of criticism for this but he believes that he lives in a multicultural world so he needs to portray this in his art.

One of his pieces is a very simple figure called Female Figure. It’s simplicity allows people to interpret it in many different ways. His piece, “21st Century Fertility Woman” is one that caught my eye. It shows a woman and to the side, there looks to be a small hole where the child is. Although I admire the meaning behind these sculptures, I do wish that he didn’t incorporate so many naked people in his work because I thought it was disturbing.

Female Figure

Female Figure

photo 2

21st Century Fertility Woman

21st Century Fertility Woman


Week 12 Classmate Interview

This week I got to meet Veronica Meza. I went up to Veronica to interview her and she was just really friendly from the start. Veronica is a second year student and she is studying psychology. I asked her why she chose this major and she replied that she used to hate psychology. She came in as a zoology major because she wanted to become a veterinarian. Then, she took a psychology class in high school and was really interested in it. She wants to do expressive therapy. Expressive therapy is a form of art therapy where they use dance and music to heal the patients.

Veronica loves dance and she grew up in a family that loves to dance. She likes belly dancing and Latin dancing. A little more random facts about Veronica is that she lives here in Long Beach with her family. She has an older brother and sister, and two younger brothers. Her favorite food is thai food and in her free time, she loves watching Netflix. She is currently watching “Once Upon a Time”. Veronica seems like a really interesting person and I’m glad I got to meet her.

photo 1

Week 11 Classmate Interview

This week I met Eui Jin Song. She is a freshman here at CSULB and majors in social work. She wants to become a social worker and even volunteers at a school for disabled kids! Eui Jin commutes here from La Palma, which I learned is not too far from Long Beach. We both agreed that we would hate to dorm because the dorms are so cramped. Another thing we have in common is that we are the oldest sibling in our families. Eui Jin has a younger brother and a younger sister.

Some other things i learned about Eui Jin while I was talking to her was that she hates sports. Also, her favorite food is noodles and we both hate fish. I’m really glad I got to meet Eui Jin this week. She seems like a really sweet girl and I wish her the best in everything that she does!


Week 11 Activity

This week’s activity was sculpting. I really was not looking forward to it at first because it looked like a lot of hard work but it actually wasn’t and I had fun doing it. The goal was to end up with a plaster sculpture of something such as your hand or foot.

I decided to go down to Seal Beach and make a sculpture of my hand. All I did was I mixed plaster with some water and put it where the mold of my hand was. It was that simple! Then, I waited a half hour for it to dry. I love going to the beach so I’m glad I had an excuse to go. Then, I brushed the sand off my sculpture to get the final product. I took pictures of the process. It didn’t turn out perfect but it turned out okay.

What I liked about this activity and most of the activities that we do is that we always do things that I have never done before. It was cool having a sculpture of my hand that I made myself. It also wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

photo 1 4 photo 2 4 photo 3 1

Week 11 Artist Interview

The work of Arezoo Bharthania caught my eye at the gallery this week. Her work is called Escape the Gaze of the Blind Censor. The artist was not present to be interviewed so I had a lot of questions that were left unanswered. Her artist statement describes what she was trying to convey. She was talking about some kind of tyrant that everyone had to hide from.

Her work included curtains, windows, and anything that was used to hide you from someone. There was Arabic writing everywhere so I think she is referring to a Middle Eastern country. I think that there is definitely a very important message she is trying to convey but I wasn’t completely sure what she was “hiding from”.

A window is enough for me... A window to the instance of light, insight and peace

A window is enough for me… A window to the instance of light, insight and peace

What if he knows something that I know What if the day after tomorrow, I'm Keyhan's number one headline

What if he knows something that I know
What if the day after tomorrow, I’m Keyhan’s number one headline

The women Quarter

The women Quarter

My guess is that she is referring to a Middle Eastern country whose laws are very oppressive, causing her to hide from the tyrant. She says that she is only free behind closed doors. I believe that although most Middle Eastern countries are not like this, unfortunately there are still a few countries who are oppressive towards the people and thus are tyrants.

Week 10 Activity

I was really excited for this week’s activity because we got to choose what we wanted to do. I decided to paint with watercolors. I got a few colors, a poster, and began painting away! I decided I wanted to paint something that had to do with nature. When I started painting, I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to do; I just started and went on from there.

My finished painting turned out to be some bushes and trees. I was hoping it would turn out a little nicer but it’s really hard to work with watercolors. It took much longer to do than normal paint. Also, if I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like before I started, it would have turned out better. What was really frustrating was if I would mess up, I couldn’t go back and fix it.

However, I did enjoy this activity. Painting has always been one of my favorite types of art and I was really hoping that we would have a chance to paint in this art class. Even if the painting doesn’t turn out how you plan, the process is still really fun and you get to be as creative as you want.


Week 10 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I really enjoyed the work of Dawn Ertl. Ertl is getting her masters in fine art with a concentration in structure. I have never seen anything like her pieces before and it definitely caught my attention. Ertl’s work is made out of yarn and plastic. She said that she incorporates plastic because plastic never ceases to exist. It can only be made into something else. The plastic is saved from her friends and family. Not only is Ertl’s work beautiful but it is eco-friendly.

Ertl described to us the process of how she creates her work. She has to hang it from the ceiling so she doesn’t always have the freedom to do whatever she wants. Everything she makes is interwoven and she uses many colors. She gets her ideas as she goes along. She always listens to music as she works to get her inspiration.

I loved this exhibition because I feel like everything was so beautiful and it could be used to decorate your room with. It definitely looks like it took so much time and effort to get everything to look the way it did. The picture I included is the one I liked the most. It reminds me of a jungle made out of yarn. This exhibition was definitely one of my favorites.

photo 1 3