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Week 15 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I enjoyed the work of Elia Murray. Murray is an illustration major. Her character designs are very childlike and they seem to be influenced by Disney. Murray says it would be a dream to work for Disney or for Cartoon Network. She took a tour at Robot Chicken and would like to intern there. Her work mostly involves water colors and she has recently been getting into 3D art.

Murray’s inspiration came from her parents. Both of her parents were water colorists and they encouraged her to become an artist. Not only does she draw, paint, and sculpt, she also writes! She is currently working on a book about one of her poems. I just really loved her work because it brings out your inner child and her characters were adorable.

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Week 14 Artist Interview

There was only one art gallery open this week and it included many great piece of art from seniors graduating this week. The gallery was called Liminal, which means of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. All of the artists went through a period of transition and learning. There was one artist whom we’ve met before talking about her work. However, the two pieces I really liked were by Charles Banowetz and Maritza Mungula. The first one is called Treecloud and the second one is Voluminous.

I absolutely loved Treecloud because of the orange colors. The color is so vibrant and it looks amazing with the green and the yellow. It reminds me of a beautiful landscape with the sun setting on it. The thin lines resemble trees and there are different colored clouds surrounding them.

I really liked Voluminous because it was so different than the rest of the work and I loved that it was 3D. I also like the playful colors and the different patterns on it. It looks like a window and everything is crawling out from it. I also enjoyed the other artists’ work and I love when we get to see many different artists collaborate because we get many different styles of art.

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Week 10 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I really enjoyed the work of Dawn Ertl. Ertl is getting her masters in fine art with a concentration in structure. I have never seen anything like her pieces before and it definitely caught my attention. Ertl’s work is made out of yarn and plastic. She said that she incorporates plastic because plastic never ceases to exist. It can only be made into something else. The plastic is saved from her friends and family. Not only is Ertl’s work beautiful but it is eco-friendly.

Ertl described to us the process of how she creates her work. She has to hang it from the ceiling so she doesn’t always have the freedom to do whatever she wants. Everything she makes is interwoven and she uses many colors. She gets her ideas as she goes along. She always listens to music as she works to get her inspiration.

I loved this exhibition because I feel like everything was so beautiful and it could be used to decorate your room with. It definitely looks like it took so much time and effort to get everything to look the way it did. The picture I included is the one I liked the most. It reminds me of a jungle made out of yarn. This exhibition was definitely one of my favorites.

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Week 5 Artist Interview

At the art gallery this week, I really admired the work of Dianna Franco. All of her paintings were abstract and I really liked how they came out. Dianna’s paintings are based on the relationships between nature and civilizations in psychology and science. She was inspired to do this because she has studied a little bit of psychology and says that she was always interested in learning about the minds of psychopaths. You can see that in some of her work, the shapes that she paints resemble the inside of a brain. Dianna is also inspired by abandoned homes and the nature around them because she’s always found that really interesting.

She has been working  on them since December of 2014 and everyday she works little by little, either retouching her work or changing it. She uses saturated and neutral colors to represent the inner and outer parts of nature and civilization and how they affect each other and thin and thick paint to represent the weight found in nature and civilization.

I think her work is so amazing because I can really see where she gets her inspiration and it has meaning to it. It’s not just a bunch of shapes. When she started talking about the minds of psychopaths and abandoned homes, it made me really think and I thought that was so cool. She seems really passionate about it and you can see that through her paintings. I also love the contrasting colors that she used.

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Week 4 Artist Interview

This week at the art gallery, I really enjoyed the work of Rachel Gehrke and Makaila Palmer. The one I admired the most is called Porous Parallels I By Rachel Gehrke. It’s an oil on canvas painting. Rachel likes to work with many different mediums.I really like the pink that is used in the picture as it adds brightness. Surrounding the flower is darkness and the moon behind it.

The theme of the art gallery was The Odyssey, a spiritual wandering or a voyage. In each of their work, they are portraying an emotional experience. I liked this painting because it had a connection between the deep oceans and the moon.

I love the mystery behind the painting and all the paintings in the gallery. It’s amazing to me that there is so much in our galaxy and the ocean that we know nothing about. There is so much beauty in the moon and the stars and also in the ocean which is why I really enjoyed this piece.